8 Tips for Living With In-Laws Without Losing Your Mind

My holiday to Seattle was satisfying at so many levels. I met some amazingly intellectual people and enjoyed some wise conversations. I also met one of my virtual friends and my sisterÔÇÖs good friend named Sumaira. We had a lovely lunch at Home Grown┬ácafe and then we sat in the sun at a beautiful park …

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Wedding Memories That Last a Lifetime

If you would like to make your wedding day memorable, you will need to plan for long-term, and document everything. There are several great ways of remembering your big day and what led you to make the decision to tie your lives together. You might want to involve your family members and friends in creating …

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Social Issues

Fraud/Scam Awareness & Prevention

Definitions of fraud & scam Fraud is defined as wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in a financial or personal gain. Scamming is any dishonest scheme. Both are to take advantages of others. Why fraud? This world is full of dishonest people. Millions of people today are so used to lies in their daily …

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Kofta Anda Recipe

Being a blogger is not easy. I basically use insta-stories as my own diary. Just to cover my days. Later, I like to reflect on how I spent my time. A few times, my intent is to inspire others in doing something constructive or to think about important issues in life. So my intent for …

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General Well-being Makeup Social Issues

False Beauty Standards

We are not perfect, no one is! So why do we portray flawlessness on social media? Why use makeup or filters to cover our flaws and signs of ageing? Natural is always good. So why hide what was meant to be? I don’t think we should hide our natural selves behind makeup or filters all …

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Organizing Life Social Issues Wellbeing

15 Personal Hygiene Basics for Dirty Adults

Some things are hard to say but they need to be said. Normally its a parent’s job to enforce hygiene basics. But there are too many people don’t seem to have learned their lessons. I feel blogging gives me the┬áliberty to┬áenlighten important┬áissues which people normally hesitate to talk about. It is important to understand that …

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Be Me

Spot me I am repulsive Rate me I am worthless Feel me I am cold Touch me I will reduce to pieces   Hold me I am hollow Use me I am trash Play me I am defeated Win me I am lost Suffer me I am a curse Be me I am worse Hate …

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