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The Miraculous Natural Deodrant

The wonders of Phitkari It was only recently when I learned about this wonder crystal. I had been hearing about the bad effects of antiperspirant deodorants for a while now. It made sense that these block our pores so we don’t sweat at all ...


Mini Travel Series: Peggy’s Cove

Ever since we moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, everyone had been asking us to go and see Peggy’s Cove. This is Nova Scotia’s No. 1 tourist spot. Last Wednesday evening (29th of August, 2018), our Brazilian friends called us to accompany ...


14 Lessons from University Life

About University life University is definitely a life changing experience which enriches your mind and broadens your horizons. Other than classroom studies, you also learn about whats important in life.  It has been over a decade that I ...


Collaborated Tips for a Blissful Marriage

Introduction My husband and I celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday. In the article I shared then, I talked about the importance of a blissful marriage, what he means to me, what I value the most in our relationship and finally my ...


Tips For a Blissful Marriage

Importance of a Blissful Marriage A good marriage can make your life heaven and a bad one can really make it hell. Therefore, all possible effort should be put in making it a happy and peaceful home for yourself and for the future generations. ...


My Love for Audio Books

Let’s enjoy and learn through audio books About Reading Reading is essential for success. It is great for self-improvement, connecting your brain, gaining experience from other people, improving understanding and boosting imagination & ...

Nadiya Najib

Nadiya Najib